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Have you visited any of Abdul Samad Al Qurashi locations in the Middle east countries? If YES, please tell us about your experience.
What attracts you to Abdul Samad Al Qurashi franchise business?
Where do you want to operate Abdul Samad Al Qurashi Business? Please list countries, territories or regions:
How do you evaluate the overall competition in the oriental perfumery business in your target market?
What new developments (commercial and residential areas – shopping malls; etc.) are underway in major cities in your target market?
What background or experience do you have in retail operations?
What other franchises (do you currently/did you previously) operate? Please provide web links.
How do you propose to manage Abdul Samad Al Qurashi franchise business in your market? Please provide a brief outline of proposed management:
How many Abdul Samad Al Qurashi locations do you believe can be established in your target market? Please indicate major areas, cities or regions.
Do you currently have proposed location(s)? IF YES, describe location below:
When do you plan to start your first Abdul Samad Al Qurashi location?
Available capital for investment:
Will you rely on your own finances or do you have other sources/partners? If yes, please elaborate.
When would you be available to meet with Abdul Samad Al Qurashi management team for mutual evaluation?
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